Sunday, March 8, 2015

Madonna's "Rebel Heart" Track Reviews: Iconic, featuring Chance the Rapper and Mike Tyson

I can, Icon
Two letters apart
One step, away,
Of being lost in the dark
Just shine your light
Like a beautiful star
Show the world who you are
Who you are

With only two days left before Madonna unleashes Rebel Heart on to the world, we take a look at the last of the tracks that have already been made available. Iconic is yet another fabulous song off the new, soon to be latest classic of Madonna albums.  The tune is an inspirational piece of lyric that Ms. M herself has learned along her own journey into becoming iconic.  It's another mid to up tempo ditty that's both futuristic dance-y.  Featuring a spoken intro of Mike Tyson and a rap interlude by Chance the Rapper, this one's definitely a winner!

Check out my previous thoughts on the rest of Rebel Heart, so far, and stay tuned for the rest...

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