Sunday, March 1, 2015

Song of the Day - I Like Love - Solitaire

I feel real good this evening
And I'd like to say I feel good for one reason
That we're all here together

Even though the weather's still miserable out there, today is still the first day of March and each day that we move forward is another reason to look forward to the impending arrival of spring.  So let's not fret at the freezing cold temps, but instead close our eyes and think of warmer times ahead.  And what accompanies a nice daydream better than an awesome feel good song?  Solitaire's 2004 neo-disco tune I Like Love (I Love Love) is just that...feel good.  I played this for my friends the other night and told them that I thought this was the best Diana Ross song she never sang.  They both said, nah, it sounds more like Bette Midler.  I disagree completely.  The voice sounds like Diana's, the music is disco-fied.  Diana!  What do you think?

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