Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Another Birthday Song of the Day - Trapped - Colonel Abrams

None of you may know this song, and probably even Blanche has forgotten about it by now, but today is his birthday and once he sees it, I'm sure he's gonna remember.  You see, I've known Blanche...Bobby...for almost 30 years.  More than half of our lives.  I first met him way back when I first started clubbing, and though there were gaps in the friendship over the years, mostly due to my being 'married,' we've been there for each other the whole way through.

Back in the day, he and I frequented a bar in Smithtown called Crystals.  Every Saturday and almost every Sunday we'd hit the club to dance and mingle.  We'd been through police raids and car chases together, good times with good people, and plenty of other memories since, right up to Sunday's trip into the city to see Kinky Boots.  Anyway, we used to dance to this one a lot back in the mid-eighties, and it is totally dedicated to our long-lasting friendship.  So Happy Birthday Brother!  Love you!

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