Thursday, February 22, 2018

Song of the Day - Friends - Marshmello, Anne-Marie

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Just a couple of weeks ago this fantastic collaboration between Marshmello and Ann-Marie came to be, and it's grown on me a lot in that time.  Ann-Marie's got a smoking hot voice and set to Marshmello's beats, well, wow!  The duo has since put out a video to the tune and it's a lot of fun.  Check out Friends...

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Hump Day Song of the Day - Some Kind of Lover - Jody Watley

You're some kind of lover
Turn me on
Turn me out

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For this week's Hump Day we go way back to 1988 and then super-hot Jody Watley.  This was the 4th single and 3rd top ten off her eponymous debut album which catapulted her to the Best New Artist Grammy that year.  God, I remember wearing this one out!  Here's Some Kind of Lover...

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Song of the Day - The Middle - Zedd, Maren Morris, Grey

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Zedd's latest, this time a collaboration with singer Maren Morris and EDM production team Grey, is pure pop/dance sugar.  I featured the tune on January 26th's New Music Fridays and it deserves it's own feature right here.  Check  out The Middle...

Monday, February 19, 2018

Song of the Day - Better Than Today - Kylie Minogue

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You've got to feel it, see it, know how much you need it
What's the point in living if you don't take a chance?
You've got to use it, lose it, know the chance to do it
What's the point in living if you don't wanna dance?

Some may see Kylie Minogue's music as mindless dance stuff, but I can tell you as a fan that many of her songs carry a lot of inspiration, hope and lessons in life.  Such is the case with today's Song of the Day.  Her Better Than Today, off the Aphrodite album, is the perfect song for this President's Day.  We're all hoping that tomorrow is going to be better than today, both personally and politically.  What those kids in Florida are doing are exactly what Kylie's talking about, taking a chance, doing something about trying to make things better.  It's all something we should do, too!  Here's Better Than Today...  

Sunday, February 18, 2018

New Music Fridays, February 16th, 2018 - Five Hot New Tracks

It's President's Week, and there's lots of good new stuff this week to be heard.  Check out the best of this week's new music tracks...

You Owe Me - The Chainsmokers

Seemingly former EDM masters The Chainsmokers continue where they left off on their last single, Sick Boy, with a more alternative sound that's more down tempo than what we're used to from the duo...and it works.  Check out some vampirish terror in the accompanying video for You Owe Me...

Mad Love - Sean Paul, David Guetta, Becky G

One of my favorite tunes of the week is this bouncy lil piece of dance floor heaven featuring the likes of Sean Paul, Becky G and David Guetta.  Sean and Becky's unique island vocals play a perfect complement to Guetta's big beats.  Check out Mad Love...

Run For Your Life - K. Flay 

I first discovered rock songstress K. Flay with her badass tune Blood In the Cut early last year and I've been waiting for something new from her ever since.  Well, Flay has just released a new tune from the soundtrack to the upcoming film Tomb Raider and it's the same nice, high energy rock and roll that made me love her in the first place.  Check out Run For Your Life...

1,2,3 - Sofia Reyes, featuring Jason Derulo, De La Ghetto

Twenty-two year old Latin Grammy nominee singer Sofia Reyes teams up with Jason Derulo and De La Ghetto on this ultra-catchy Spanglish jam, featuring head-bopping Latin beats, funky melodies and everything in between.  Hot song!  Check out 1,2,3... 

Deep Breaths - Lookas, Cal

All of the pieces I've seen about this tune have included the word 'summer' and for good reason.  Yes, this dance jam has all of the markings of a hot summer jam, catchy tropical beats and some nice vocals by singer Cal.  Miami producer Lookas has really scored with this one!  Ooh if only it were closer to summer.  Here's Deep Breaths...  

So there you go, five really hot new tracks to get you going this President's Week.  Of course, these five tunes aren't the only ones worth noting from this week's crop of new music.  Here are some honorable mentions you might want to check out, as well:

Getting Over You - Lauv
Remember - Youngr
I Heard You Got Too Litt Last Night - SAINt JHN
Heart to Break - Kim Petras
Wonderchild - Hot Shade, Christian Walz
Bad 2 Good - Aaron Carter
Look Back - Diplo, DRAM  

Song of the Day - Perfect For You - Rachel Platten

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Today's song from singer Rachel Platten is a gem of a pop tune that was the first single off of her 4th studio album, Waves.  The song is sugary sweet and very catchy and I'm really surprised it wasn't more of a hit.  For what it's worth, check out Perfect For You...

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Song of the Day - Both of Us - Yellow Claw

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Yellow Claw's Both of Us is the kind of song that slowly creeps into your head more and more every time you hear it.  To prove my point, I added this one to my Current list way back in November and just the other day I screenshooted the tune on Spotify, thinking ooh, this would make a great Song of the Day.  The song has got a nice makeu[p for a dance track, with sweet vocals for the verses and some killer musical crescendo as the chorus.  Check out Both of Us...