Saturday, March 21, 2015

Madonna's "Rebel Heart" Track Reviews: Holy Water

Religious themes have always been a part of Madonna's overall scheme, but never so much as on Rebel Heart.  By my own count, there are at least four tunes on this record that relate in some way to religiosity, and it would seem that the religious nature within her upbringing and throughout her life have brought her to a place where she's become reflective and is putting the pieces of the puzzle together in a way she never really has before.  

That being said, Holy Water may sound like it's religious, but it's pretty risque, too.  The tune is, to me, very 80's sounding.  It's slow moving and deliberate, and not really an easy one to like.  In fact, it doesn't come up on the favorites list of any of my Madonna friends, but I do like it, even if it's for the one, bitch get off my pole line, which is repeated over and over throughout.  It is soooo her!  Anyway, the song has morphed into a dancey vibe for the album, and so it's a much faster-paced jam than on the previously leaked version.  Check it out...

Now bless yourself and genuflect!

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