Friday, April 22, 2016

Flashback Friday Song of the Day - Kiss - Prince & The Revolution

I knew that today's Song of the Day would be a challenge because I knew I wanted to post a Prince song, of course and have tried before, but it's not easy.  I don't know the exact story, but it seems the legendary artist had pulled all of his own videos from YouTube and other such places a long, long time ago.  So it's really hard to find any sort of Prince video, and even when you do the quality is not the same.  I've actually struck paydirt this morning, as I did find a relatively decent quality clip of one of the singer's most popular songs.  The year was 1986 and this Grammy-winning tune tune came on the heels of Prince's iconic Purple Rain soundtrack, hitting the #1 spot.  Here's the instantly recognizable and irresistibly catchy Kiss...

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