Thursday, April 21, 2016

Farewell Sweet Prince

In the 80's there was Michael Jackson, there was Madonna, and then there was Prince, an unassuming musical genius who transcended time and space and left an indelible mark on the world of music and in the soundtrack of many a life.  It's almost unthinkable to imagine that anyone who lived through the 1980's and beyond hasn't loved at least one or two Prince songs in their time.


It was just a few hours ago that I received almost simultaneous texts from my sister and a friend telling me that the musical icon passed away earlier today at the young age of 57.  The sudden and shocking news is even now spreading like wildfire throughout the world and I, like many others, have spent the time since reliving memories of my life that are connected to the singer and his musical genius.

The loss of Prince is huge, and I can already see that this most unassuming of the three 80's icons will now get the accolades he is so deserving of.  His catalog is vast and varied and contains many a memorable line for us to remember and repeat as we continue to enjoy his music.  There is so much more I wish to say about this artist, and I will in due time, but for now I just wanted to acknowledge the man and the many heavy hearts he has left behind.   Rest in Peace!

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