Saturday, February 7, 2015

Madonna's "Living For Love" Video

Remember the days when a new video was such a big deal that we all used to tune in for its premiere on MTV?  Well, those days are long gone and quite often today the release of a new video comes off with little fanfare, and often gets lost in the vast obscurity of the World Wide Web.  Well, any new video from Madonna always garners a lot of attention anyway, but that doesn't stop the iconic singer from doing things in new and innovative ways.  Ms M once again has proved her freshness in the launching of her latest vid for the debut single off the upcoming Rebel Heart album, Living For Love by being the first ever to premiere a video on Snapchat's new Snap Channel last Thursday.

Well, not being a Snapchat account holder, I had to wait until yesterday to check out the new vid, which The Huffington Post calls her "best work in a decade."  I have to agree...the video is a visually appealing work, complete with men dressed as bulls in a choreographed bullfight with matadoress Madonna front and center.  

The song is an anthemic gem and very worthy of radio airplay, Think of it as Rebel Heart's version of MDNA's Turn Up the Radio, a feel good song with an irrestible hook and hopefully this one will fare better than the previous largely undiscovered tune, which perhaps should have been that album's debut single.  We know that today's corporate decision makers in the music industry do not want, um, older singers getting much attention, and perhaps they will continue on in their shunning of Madge as far as airplay is concerned, but this is Madonna and regardless of how often folks get to hear the song on the radio, both the song and the video will be heard and seen by legions of true fans anyway,  

So if you're a Madonna fan or just curious,, check out the video for Living For Love below and be prepared to be entertained...  Oh, and don't forget to check out Madonna performing the song tomorrow night at The Grammy Awards Show on CBS at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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