Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Song of the Day - Out of the Woods - Taylor Swift

I am truly sorry to all you "Swifties" out there, but I still don't see what is so great about her.  Perhaps I'll get some flak for this, but I just don't think her music is all that.  In fact, I think that a lot of her songs sound pretty similar, and thus kinda boring, yet everything she does seems to be the "best ever" in everybody else's eyes.  Case in point, on Thursday night, New Year's Eve, Ms. Swift dropped a new video for her song Out of the Woods on the New Year's Rockin' Eve telecast.  The next day, my inbox was flooded with all sorts of adjectives for the vid and the song...stunning, vibrant, powerful, catchy, exquisite, captivating, blah, blah, blah, and that was all from one little article.  The video is alright, but I guess what it comes down to is musical taste, and hers doesn't tickle mine.  In fact, the only song of hers I love is Shake It Off, which to me is unique and fun.  The rest...meh!  So anyway, for what it's worth, here's Out of the Woods...

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