Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Song of the Day - Club Noir - Apache Sun

Here's a song I found on a compilation album I downloaded recently on iTunes called 30th Century Records Compilation.  It's by a Glasgow-based pair of brothers who call themselves Apache Sun. On the band's webpage, Kris Mitchell and Pete Bruce dub themselves a "psych-rock band," and that just about sums up their unique sound.  Everything I've read about and heard from them since I discovered this song has been aces all the way and I am definitely a new fan.  

This particular tune has been culled an enchanting and haunting psychedelic nugget with the Arabesque chords emphasizing their exotic side and emitting a noir magic taken from a fairytale that's suitable only for adults ( Sound Injections).  Exactly!  I loved Club Noir the first time I heard it...kind of reminds me of a song from a James Bond film soundtrack, or even something great to jam to at a rock club.  Check it out...

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