Friday, January 8, 2016

Flashback Friday Song of the Day - My Time - Dutch, featuring Crystal Waters

I'm, dancing and I'm feeling fine
Been so long I don't know why
Turn up the lights
This is my time, this is my time...

I got to thinking, or rather singing in my head, this song after posting yesterday's Song of the Day, featuring dance music diva Crystal Waters.  Most people know Crystal from her early hits, 1991's Gypsy Woman and 1994's 100% Pure Love, but she's had a couple of really good dance hits since then that haven't been as popular, but are even better.  Case in point, this 2003 gem is a dance anthem through and through...kinda reminds me of Kool  the Gang's Celebration...well, the music in it anyway.  Check out My Time...

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