Friday, August 19, 2016

I Love the 90's Song of the Day - Land of the Living - Kristine W

I've got a mirror, a bottle, and a pen
The mirror is cracked
The bottle is empty
And my pen I don't know where to begin

I've got a picture, a letter, and a song
The picture is torn
The letter is worn
And my tune has been sung before...

The years was 1996 and this powerhouse singer from the state of Washington came out with an album, her debut, and I was immediately hooked.  The first single to come out with the album was a tender ballad made extra soothing by Kristine W's. beautiful voice, yet the beats made it a chill song, too, even before chill was chill.  That song, One More Try, was so good I had to pick up the entire record where I found lots of other gems and became a lifelong fan.  This one, the title cut to Land of the Living, is my absolute favorite.  With those pipes, the lyrics and the heavy bass beats, the tune just screams "diva," and I always said that if I had ever done drag, this would have been my signature song.  Unfortunately the video version is a little glossed over compared to the album cut, but still pretty darned good!  Check out Land of the Living... 

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