Thursday, August 13, 2015

Madonna Week Song of the Day - Get Together

Do you believe in love at first sight
It's an illusion, I don't care
Picture it...It's 1979, late on a Saturday night at Danceteria.  Strobe lights flicker throughout the immense nightclub as the dance floor moves in unison to the rhythms vibrating throughout the space. There's electricity in the air as lovers sway and gyrate to the smooth sounds.  Magic!

This was pretty much the inspiration for Madonna's classic Confessions on a Dance Floor album, in which a continuous mix of disco beats and rhythms melded together to form one long, 70's disco dance party.  This was one of those moments in her career where she took everything in a completely new direction and did it as masterfully as if she'd been doing it for years.  It's one of the reasons I love Madonna so much. 

*My friend Sonny did a masterful job performing this song the other night at karaoke and was what inspired me to post this here today.  #proud

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