Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Madonna Week Song of the Day - Dress You Up

You've got style
That's what all the girls say...

...Satin sheets, and luxury so fine
All your suits are custom made in London

Well I've got something that you really like...

The year was 1985 and Madonna had just embarked on her very first tour, aptly titled The Virgin Tour.  It was one of only two Madonna concert tours I never saw (the other being The Girlie Show), and I was really bummed about missing this one.  Luckily this one was released as a full-length concert video and so I got to see the whole thing on let's just say more than a few occasions.  This tune, off the Like a Virgin album, opened the show and so it was our first glimpse ever of Madge in full concert action.  Quite primitive in comparison to what was to follow, but back then it was that first style of irresistible dance music that we all cared or even knew about...and it was awesome!   

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