Friday, August 21, 2015

Flashback Friday Summer Jams Song of the Day - Burning Up - Madonna

Don't put me off,, cause I'm on fire
And I can't quench my desire
Don't you know that
I'm burning up for your love
You're not convinced that that is enough

I put myself in this position
And I deserve the imposition
But you don't even know, I'm alive
And it's pounding in my heart, just won't die
I'm burning up...

Oh yeah, with Madonna's birthday that just passed, the upcoming opening of the Rebel Heart Tour, and the newest Madonnathon happening at Rockbar in NYC, there's no time like the present for a trip down Madonna memory lane with the "B" side of her second ever single, Physical Attraction.  The year was 1983 and Madonna's first single, Everybody, was so popular that people were already hankering for more from this mysterious new dance music sensation, and she gave us not one, but two new tunes.

The version that appeared on the "B" side of this record was more dance-oriented than the album version, which had a much rougher, more rockish sound, with guitar riffs backing up the vocals. Alas, the album version is the one which made it in the video, but I always preferred the dancier version myself.  Ah well, the song never became a huge, mainstream hit, but most Madonna fans know it well...

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