Monday, August 31, 2015

Summer Jams Song of the Day - What Do You Mean? - Justin Bieber

I have to say that slowly, at least in the past couple of months, I'm becoming a, gulp, Belieber.  That's right, I said it.  I am actually starting to like Justin Bieber...just a little, but still.  Though I haven't seen the VMA's yet (to me they are no longer relevant to my world anyway), last night's show saw two performances by him, one of which is this, his latest project for which he released this video for not long after the show had ended.

Clearly, Bieber is no longer a child prodigy, he is now a bona fide adult, both thematically and musically.  I'll let you judge the former for yourself by watching the steamy video below, in which the self-anointed senior gets quite steamy with model Xenia Deli, Calvins and all, but for me, as always, it is the music.  It all started with Bieber's vocal appearance on the Skrillex - Diplo collaboration Where Are You Now?

When I first heard that one, I'll admit that I did take note of the rhythm and bluesish vocals without knowing it was he that was singing, and I loved it.  What Do You Mean? seems to take up where that one left off, with a soothing, almost island-jammish, melody and the same kind of soft, tender vocals that appear in the other tune.  Pretty catchy, too.  So if you haven't seen it yet, click play below and check out What Do You Mean?

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