Sunday, August 23, 2015

Summer Jams Song of the Day - Love Is Free - Robyn & La Bagatelle Magique

After posting an older Robyn tune from 2008 in yesterday's Song of the Day post, I kind of felt guilty failing to mention that she's got a brand new project out, a collaborative EP with a trio calling itself La Bagatelle Magique.   The new project, Love Is Free, is a five song mini-album whose title matches the name of its debut single.  I haven't posted it earlier because the song is not the same kind of pop that we're used to from Robyn.  Though her music has always been dance-oriented, this one comes a lot closer to a house jam than she's ever really gone before.  The tune is fast and frenzied and very heavy on bass and drum.  Robyn's vocals don't make an appearance until about a minute into the jam, and that's exactly where the song gets hot for me...

Imma give it to you baby
Imma give it when I'm ready
Some loose some steady
Some light some heavy
I't all over this city....  

Check out Love Is Free...

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