Monday, May 30, 2016

Song of the Day - I Have Seen the Rain - P!nk, with Jim Moore

Happy Memorial Day all!  Yes, Memorial Day Weekend is well known as the unofficial start of summer, and it's one holiday we all look forward to, but I think that many of us often overlook the true meaning behind this day of remembrance.  Well, throughout the history of this great country, more than 1.1 million American servicemen have been killed in action during wars from the Revolution all the way up until the current war on terror. (PBS News Hour)  That's a lot of people, and without them, we very may well not be enjoying the lives we have today.  Today is a day to celebrate, honor and remember.

In commemoration of the day, here's a very special song from P!nk and her dad, Mr. James T.  Moore. Moore served in the Vietnam War and wrote this tune during his tourney in that faraway place more than 40 years ago.  The song appears on P!nk's I'm Not Dead album and here's a clip of the very first time the singer performed it live, together with her dad.  It's a sweet and tender moment, and I think it suits the day just fine.  Happy Memorial Day... 

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