Sunday, May 3, 2015

Song of the Day - Everything - Katy B, with Jessie Ware

I will be the one who will be beside you
Even when the stars don't seem so bright
Any obstacle that life throws I'll fight through
I will be the one

I will be the one that can show you hope here
Even when the night drowns out the light
You will hear my voice even through the darkness
I will be the one

I've loved the music of Katy B ever since I first heard her.  Sista's got a deep, soulful voice and the pulsating rhythms of virtually all of her tracks give them a late night house feel like no other.  Here's my favorite of her songs, one with a simple name, but one that's beautiful lyrically and infectious musically.  Check out Katy B's Everything and have a great Sunday!

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