Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Song of the Day for Dad - Beam Me Up - P!nk

Today marks the sixth anniversary of the death of my father, George Myers, and I want to share a special song by a special artist to mark the occasion.  The song is Beam Me Up, and it was written and performed by P!nk for her album The Truth About Love.  I've taught this very special song to my class a couple of years ago, and it si so good that they still mention it every once in awhile.  

The song speaks of a parallel universe, where nothing breaks and nothing hurts.  It becomes obvious from the onset of the tune that someone very special has passed on recently, and all she wants is to be beamed up, just for a minute, so she could stare and hold the person's face one last time.  Oh, if only we could all get to make that wish come true for the many people we've lost in our lifetimes, like me with my dad.  

I never really appreciated having my dad around while he was alive, at least not until the last few years he was with us, and so for anyone out there who is estranged from his or her father, please remember that no matter how bad a father he was or whatever he might have done to make your relationship strained, he is your father and he does love you!  Peace!

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