Thursday, October 27, 2016

Song of the Day - In Too Deep - Dead or Alive

I could offer you a thousand things
But a lot of them you wouldn't bother
I could buy you ten real diamond rings
But I'm sure that you would want another

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I could take a plane and I could fly away
I could, steal a car and I could drive away
But I'm in too deep 
There's no getting out of it
In too deep
No doubt about it

Ah memories!  We continue our week-long tribute to Pete Burns, who passed away suddenly on Sunday, with one of my favorite songs from Dead or Alive's Youthquake album.  This one brings me back to one of my favorite clubs from my heyday, a new wave/alternative joint called Spanky's.  Oh if I could only go back for just one night!  Great song, great place!  Check out In Too Deep...

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