Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Pride Month Song of the Day - Pulse - Melissa Etheridge

Everybody's got a pain inside
Imaginary wounds they fight to hide
How can I hate them
When everybody's got a pulse

I am human, I am love
And my heart beats with my blood
Love will always win
Underneath the skin
Everybody's got a pulse

It's been so long since Melissa Etheridge has released anything new, and boy did I forget how talented she is.  In her own inimitable way, this new song, Pulse, is her way of speaking out about the terrible tragedy that happened in Orlando a little over a week ago.  The song is poignant and beautiful, and the accompanying video by a YouTube user called phlybynight is just perfect!  Check out Pulse...

Once again I hang my head to cry
I can't find the reason why they died
We will find the answer
Blowing in the wind
That everybody's got a pulse

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