Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Prince, A 'Hometown Hero'

I just came across this wonderfully touching video on my Facebook page.  Though it's been more than six weeks now since Prince left this Earth, watching the video made it seem like it just happened a couple of days ago.  The video is called Hometown Hero, and it was created and produced by a gentleman named Milton of a group on Vimeo called Method Media Bermuda.  The video depicts ordinary Minneapolitans, young, old, black, white, and everywhere in between both paying their respects to and celebrating the life and work of their hometown hero.

Now many of us who grew up with Prince and his music all felt the immense loss when he passed away, and we still mourn his loss, but those who live in the city that he always called home are even more moved by his passing than any of us could really imagine.  Whereas many musicians and artists depart their hometowns for bright lights and bigger cities once they make it big, Prince always called Minneapolis home, and the people who live there hold as much love for him as he did for them.  Just click play on the video below and you'll see what I mean.  Oh, and grab a couple of tissues before you watch...

Hometown Hero from METHOD MEDIA Bermuda on Vimeo.

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