Saturday, June 18, 2016

Pride Month Song of the Day - Dive in the Pool - Barry Harris, featuring Pepper Mashay

Well, alright

How ya'll feelin' tonight?
Ya'll feelin' good?
Well you know, I'm feelin' mighty good tonight
But you see baby, it's a little hot in here
In more ways than one

Back in the early 2000's, there was this cool television show based on the British series of the same name.  Queer as Folk was as shocking as it was groundbreaking here in the U.S., and for five seasons people from all walks of life tuned every week into Showtime to catch the dramatic, and often steamy, life and times of a group of gay people in Pittsburgh, P.A.  Along with each season came a brand new soundtrack filled with club ditties that were heard on the show during scenes at Club Babylon, the fictional dance mecca that drew big crowds of revelers almost every night.  Here's a jam from the first season, a song that got some fierce vocals by singer Pepper Mashay set to slamming club beats.  Check out Dive in the Pool...  

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