Tuesday, March 8, 2016

New Wave Month Song of the Day - My Heart Goes Bang - Dead or Alive

The other night a close friend told me
Never let your heart fall into careless hands
I said thanks that's very nice
Appreciate your good advice
But things don't always go the way that I planned

Oh oh oh,
You you you 
Break my heart and shake it up
You you you
Take my heart and break it up
Get me to the doctor
My heart goes bang bang bang bang

Now on the more dancey side of new wave music is one of my favorite 80's groups, Dead or Alive. Lead by androgynous singer Pete Burns, these guys really hit the big time with their sophomore album, 1985's Youthquake, and continued on with another great one, 1987's Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know.  The former produced four hit tracks, including the #1 smash You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) and their high energy style always filled up dance floors everywhere.  Here's one of them, a #15 dance record for the boys and one of my favorites off of Youthquake.  Check out My Heart Goes Bang...

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