Monday, March 7, 2016

New Wave Month Song of the Day - He's So Unusual/Yeah Yeah - Cyndi Lauper


Though Cyndi Lauper eventually became a bona fide legend in her time, it may not have seemed like she'd get as far as she did way back when.  Her first album is really the only part of her music catalog that I would consider new wave, and I'm not talking Girls Just Wanna Have Fun or Time After Time. No, even though there is some pretty great classic pop on that legendary debut, She's So Unusual, the majority of the set is classic new wave, a bit off center, danceable, and lots and lots of fun.  

You talk of sweeties, bashful sweeties
I've got one of those
Oh, he's handsome as can be
But he worries me

He goes to college and gathers knowledge
Oh, what that boy knows!
He's up on his Latin and Greek
But in his chicin' he's weak

Cause when I want some lovin'
And I've got to have some lovin'
He says please, stop it please
He's so unusual!

Ah, that is the first part of a great two-tune finale to the record, done in Betty Bop style.  At this point, the set jumps quickly into a frenzied and fun song that I just love!  New wave music at its best! Check out a very cool adaptation of He's So Unusual/Yeah Yeah...

Ya know, I would let him pet me
But the darned fool doesn't let me
Cause he's so unusual he drives me wild
Boop boop be doop

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