Sunday, March 13, 2016

New Wave Month Song of the Day - Life In One Day - Howard Jones

The old man said to me
Said don't always take life so seriously
Play the flute
And dance and sing your song

Try and enjoy the here and now
The future will take care of itself somehow
The grass is never greener over there
Time will wear away the stone
Gets the hereditary bone

Don't try to live your life in one day
Don't go speed your time away
Don't try to live your life in one day
Don't go speed your time away

Sometimes creating a Song of the Day post can be a daunting task.  Howard Jones is an artist who found great success during the new wave era and he had quite a number of hits.  I knew I'd be posting a Jones' tune sometime this month and this morning I decided this was the day.  I perused all of the songs I have of his on my computer and decided on Life In One Day, which is one of my favorites. The song has got a sweet fluteish melody, with a little bit o' gospel thrown in for good measure, and it has a great message, too.  

Now I distinctly remember the video for the song.  It was a performance piece.  But I can't find it anywhere....grrrr!!!!  Of course it seems to be the only one of his tunes without the video available. ...probably some sort of legal reason...but after all of that searching I decided to post at least the audio version because some of the performance vids out there are poor quality and the song is that good! So without further adieu, here's Howard Jones' Life In One Day...

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