Monday, February 29, 2016

A Black History Month Song of the Day - Baby I'm Scared of You - Womack & Womack

Come, if you got real love for me
Stay away, if you got games and tricks for me

I wanna man that means everything he say
And not a boy full of play
Pulling rabbits out of his hat everyday
Oh, baby I'm scared of you

We end our Black History Month and rhythm and blues celebration with one of the most soulful and delicious songs I've ever known.  Back in the 1980's was when I got my first taste of soul and R&B and I haven't stopped loving it ever since.  There were a great many R&B singers from that time that I used to love.  Alexander O'Neal and Cherelle, Melissa Morgan, Melba Moore, Stevie Wonder, Pebbles, Vanessa Williams and so many more hit it big with some great R&B jams of the day.  

I... I don't believe in magic (magic)
I believe in love everlasting
I can't understand that

Husband and wife team, singers and songwriters both, Cecil and Linda Womack, wrote and performed one of my all time favorite and classic soul songs, Baby I'm Scared of You.  The tune is simply soul perfection...the lyrics, the music, and of course the great vocals.  This one was made back in the early days of video (1983) and unfortunately there was no visual to go with this one, but you should definitely check out Baby I'm Scared of You...  

Houdini, Houdini, was great magician

He could crack a lock, from any position

But my heart, is nothing like those locks
And your falling last of my brand of stock
Like little red riding hood, you're the fox
Oh baby I'm scared of you

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