Monday, September 28, 2015

Song of the Day - Sugar - Robin Shulz, featuring Francesco Yates

Got me tripping higher than the ceiling
Ooh, baby it's the ultimate feeling
You got me lifted feeling so gifted
Sugar how you get so fly

Well I finally downloaded some new music the other night, so for the foreseeable future I hope to be bringing you some fresh stuff to learn and to love.  I first started digging Robin Shulz a little over a year ago when his mix of Lilly Wood and The Prick's Prayer in C had me mesmerized for months.  I soon bought his Prayer album and was loving it!  So of course when I saw he's got a new one, I hit that download button without even listening.  My instincts are usually right when it comes to music, and I know a good deejay/producer when I hear one.  Here's the title cut to Robin's newest, Sugar...kinda retro funky...loving it!

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