Friday, September 25, 2015

Flashback Friday Song of the Day - Midnight - Yaz

Midnight, it's raining outside yeah
He must be soaking wet
Everyone, is sleeping tight
God knows I've tried my best, but...

Darling you know it looks bad
Just lost the best thing that I ever had, well
Still I don't know why I did him wrong, yeah
It's too late now he's gone to stay

I said baby, Oh no
Can't leave me now
So think about me please
Cause I love you
And I need you
And I should've thought of that,
Before I did you wrong

Back in 1992, a British synth-pop duo by the name of Yaz, or Yazoo (look it up!), created an album that was full of great, great tunes.  Two of them were big pop-dance hits, Situation and Don't Go, but the rest of Upstairs At Eric's was just as good, especially the heart-rending Midnight.  

Before there was Adele, there was Alison Moyet, another big-voiced Brit who could have been so much bigger than she ever was, but somehow she faded into obscurity.  Her voice and this song...the desperation, the lyrics...a true masterpiece of its time.  So if you've never heard Midnight before, please check it out...

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