Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Song of the Day - Lambada - Kaoma


The other night I was in a club and Jennifer Lopez' hot summer jam On the Floor came on the loudspeakers, and as it did my pal Ken uttered the word Lambada.  Though I knew exactly what he was talking about, I had seemed to have completely forgotten that she masterfully sampled and sped up the music from the original Lambada in her hit.  I got to thinking that I haven't heard that one in ages, and so thus, here it is.  Though I do love J-Lo's tune, I love this one just as much.  Released in 1989, this musical accompaniment to the dance of the same name is melodious and fun, and I love the voice of the singer and the fact that it's sung in Portuguese.  So if you were around back then, and perhaps even saw the movie, come and re-live a fond memory with me as you listen to Lambada...

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