Saturday, December 12, 2015

Song of the Day - By Your Side - Sade

This week has been the first time since I started John's Music World in January that I've really gone back to melding the music with life, like how I used to often do on John's World.  Though I try to look at things from strictly musical points of view on this page, sometimes music and life go hand in hand and so it's been such an easy time finding songs to complement my current situation, starting with Wednesday's post.  It's why I love music so much!

Today's song again reflects a current state of mind, as this difficult week has culminated in outpourings of support from people all around me.  It's a reminder that even though I spent the better part of the week hiding in a corner and cutting myself off from everyone around me, I do have people in my life who are there for me, by my side, and it makes me feel so much better!  So for any of you in my life who were there for me yesterday, I want you to know that whatever it is you did for me, even in the smallest of ways, it has helped me immensely and I thank you for it.

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