Friday, June 19, 2015

Flashback Friday Summer Jams Song of the Day - Groove Is In the Heart - Dee-Lite

We're going to dance
We're going to dance
We're going to dance
And have some fun!

In the summer of 1990, a trio of New York deejays took the world by storm with a collaborative project known as Dee-lite and a record called World Clique.  The collection of groovalicious tracks by Lady Miss Kier, DJ Dmitry and DJ Towa Tei became a big smash all over the world, and its lead single, featuring funk legend Bootsy Collins, became a de-groovy #1 hit in several countries and an enduring dance floor filler, still working its magic whenever it's played.  So click play, and have a de-gorgeous Friday and a de-lovely weekend... 

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