Monday, June 15, 2015

90's Summer Jams Song of the Day - Dreamer - Livin' Joy

,, Love, life and laughter
Is all I believe
My savior is pure now
Because my lonely heart would bleed

I never learned how to hold love
And stay strong to love
Now I close my eyes now
And I'm dreaming right where I belong

Welcome to the first of several very special weeks of time-themed summer jams here on John's World.  Some of the songs I've been posting lately have had me listening to my 90's dance music folder on my iPod.  There's so much good stuff there, I decided to do an entire week of 90's summer jams, with other decades (and more 90's!) to come.  

If you were around in 1994, then you'll certainly remember this one from Italian dance production team Livin' Joy.  The lyrics and the vocals are great here, but that oh so danceable music during the chorus was what made this one so irresistible.  So click play and get your Monday started off right...

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