Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Hump Day Song of the Day - F**k They = Sofi Tukker

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Back in January I posted this song called Johny by an alternative duo that call themselves Sofi Tukker.  The song was very Euro-alternative and I really liked it, but I hadn't come across anything else by the duo in the months since, so I really forgot about them.  But when I was penning July 28th's New Music Fridays, I came across this mindless, bass-thumping and very funky jam with the explicit and I thought I recognized the name, but wasn't sure exactly who they were until just a litle while ago.  The two songs are so different, I never would have guessed they were recorded by the same artist, but yeah, that voice of singer Sophie Hawley-Weld is unmistakable on both.  Funky, funky song, really, but warning, explicit lyrics ahead...

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