Monday, January 23, 2017

Song of the Day - Heaven - Troye Sivan, with Betty Who

The truth runs wild
Like a tear down a cheek
Trying to save face and daddy heartbreak
I'm lying through my teeth

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This voice inside
Has been eating at me
Trying to replace the love that I fake
With what we both need

Without losing a piece of me
How do I get to Heaven?
Without changing a part of me
How do I get to Heaven?
All my time is wasted
Feeling like my heart's mistaken, oh
So if I'm losing a piece of me
Maybe I don't want Heaven

Young Aussie crooner Troye Sivan has just released a new video for the song Heaven and just like the tune, the video tackles some pretty heavy stuff.  The black and white vid is interspersed with scenes of Sivan embracing a faceless man and scenes from the struggle that LGBT's have been dealing with for years.  The release couldn't have come at a better time, as we here in America are faced with potential new struggles as a new leadership with a track record of anti-LGBT sentiments begins to unfold.  Check out the powerful Heaven...   

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