Sunday, January 1, 2017

Song of the Day - Bucket List - Nelly Furtado

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I had a really hard time choosing a first Song of the Day for the New Year.  I wanted, like I do so often, to make some meaning out of my choice relevant to the particular day, and this first day of 2017 just beckons for a meaningful choice.  The year 2016 was a rough one for many of us, and I know there are plenty of people who are glad it's over, including me.  Over the past month especially, there have been so many deaths both in the celebrity world and even in my own personal sphere that you can help but contemplate just how precious life is.

I've been thinking a lot abut life during this recent period and I've come to the conclusion that yeah, life is meant to be lived, and not simply to be going through the motions like many of us do, I am guilty of that myself most of the time.  The concept of a bucket list, which first came to light in the movie of the same name, is a little morbid, perhaps, but it does speak to this idea of living life to its fullest.  And so my choice of Nelly Furtado's song version of the concept is very appropriate for today,  As we all make our resolutions to lose weight or quit smoking in the new year, I am going to make an effort to go through my bucket list more than ever in the coming 12 months.  In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy Nelly's song.  Happy New Year!

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