Thursday, September 22, 2016

Song of the Day of the Day - Perfect Illusion - Lady Gaga

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Let me preface this Song of the Day post by saying that I am usually a little over-critical of those artists whom I love the most.  That being said, we have finally become privy to the newest incarnation of one Lady Gaga, a multi-talented superstar who once seemed destined to claim the seat that Madonna created for women in pop.  I say 'once seemed' because both Gaga's music and its performance on the charts (and on my iPod), has never quite reached the height again that it enjoyed during the days of Fame/Fame Monster.  Born This Way, her last great record, was a departure from that early stuff, a successful 'reinvention' that would rival that of the early days of the Queen.

So in the year 2016, we are finally being treated to the follow-up to the lackluster ArtPop, though it must be noted that Gaga has flexed her talented muscles in other ways since with acting stints in American Horror Story, genuinely great recordings of classics with legendary crooner Tony Bennett, and impressive live performances.  There is no doubt that Lady Gaga is a gifted performer.   

What I've heard, and now seen, from this newest lead in to her first pop album in three years, is good, not great.  This lead single from the new album Joanne, called Perfect Illusion seems an attempt to return to the glory days of her first two sets. and surely it will grow on me and others,  The song's got a nice, percussive beat throughout and is as big sounding as anything she's ever done.  But is it fresh? I guess time will tell as I listen to it the rest of Joanne (due out October 21st) more.  Although right now I am liking the song, I'm not loving it, nor am I loving the sort of bland, desert/concert-themed video which was released just Tuesday night.  

Applause turned out to be the most successful song on ArtPop, and I hope that this won't be the case with Perfect Illusion and Joanne.  We shall see.  You see, I told you I was a little extra-critical of those I love.  Check out Perfect Illusion...

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