Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Song of the Day - Coming Home - Gorgon City

I want these streets an answer
So I keep calling heaven
Meant to be back home with you
My shining star, you got me
Miss like limbo inside me
Will you wait, I won't be long

I won't let, I won't keep anything

Hold me back from you

I'm telling the
Truth I'm promise you
I'll be there soon
I'm coming home to you

Now here's a chill song that I absolutely love!  I was first introduced to Gorgon City, a British electronic duo, about a year ago on Spotify.  This was the first song I heard off of their sophomore album, Sirens, and it's still in my regular listening rotation.  The duo is all set to do a Halloween show at NYC's Terminal 5 and I'd surely be going if I wasn't going to be away for that weekend.  Anyway, check out I'm Coming Home...you're gonna love it!

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