Monday, October 26, 2015

Song of the Day - Adele's Hello

Friday was a very frustrating day for me as far as music is concerned.  Between a hectic work day and trying to get ready for my weekend trip, all I had time for during the day was a few moments to check out Facebook, and of course I saw that Adele had released a new song and video...sooooo anticipated...I so wanted to check it out, but I never had the chance until late yesterday.  I admit, I've been skeptical as to whether or not the British phenom could reach the very same pinnacle she had in 2011 with her groundbreaking 21.  I wasn't crazy about her 2012 James Bond track, Skyfall, and thus some of the skepticism.  However, Adele is such an incredible talent, I never should have doubted her, as this first track, and video, off of the upcoming 25 is simply spectacular...

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