Friday, October 23, 2015

Flashback Funky Friday Song of the Day - Atomic Dog - George Clinton

Bow wow wow
Yippy yo yippy yay

Okay, so I love me some funk!  Actually many people...more than you might think and more than even know it themselves love funk.  Anything by Rick James.  The Dazz Band's Let It Whip.  The Commodores' Brick House.  Play That Funky Music!  Uptown Funk!?!?!!! Yeah, well some believe it all started with Dr. Funkenstein himself, Mr. George Clinton.  In the 70's, the ever-colorful George was the brainchild of classic funk groups Parliament and Funkadelic, and in the early 80's he went solo with the album Computer Games and this monster hit funky jam.  Classic!  Enjoy and Happy Friday...

Why must I feel like that, why must I chase the cat?
Nothing but the dog in me!

*Note - I will be going away for the weekend, so we'll return Monday with our next Song of the Day.

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