Thursday, July 20, 2017

New Music From P!nk. Serious?

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I've been contemplating writing a post on P!nk, a complaint piece actually.  On September 18th, it will have been five years since her masterpiece, The Truth About Love, was released.  My post was going to express frustration at the absence of a new album, how I was so moved by that one and then, still five years on, nothing!  Oh sure, she's done a couple of singles since then (Just Like Fire, Waterfall, with Sia, and Setting the World on Fire, with Kenny Chesney. and of course You & Me, the not too enthralling 2014 collaboration album with folk singer Dallas Green, but no new album of just P!nk.  .

I know that she had another baby in December, an adorable little boy named Jameson Moon, so I understand she's been busy, but Jeez!  Five years?  Well, from a couple of notices I've received, it looks like maybe, just maybe, a new album is FINALLY on the way.  The exhaltingly talented singer/songwriter tweeted on July 16th that she was shooting a new video next week.  Fingers are definitely crossed, and I know I've written these types of posts before, but hey, you never know!  I sooooo need something new to grab onto from her.  In the meantime, check out one of my favorite tracks from The Truth,.  Here's Timebomb...

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