Saturday, June 10, 2017

Song of the Day - Break Up Every Night - The Chainsmokers

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This new tune from The Chainsmokers' Memories...Do Not Open album was an early crowd pleaser at last night's show at Forest Hills.  Little did I realize before I journeyed to Queens and this nice little outdoor venue in the shadow of New York City that I would be attending my first EDM concert. EDM is a relatively new acronym that's become big with the kiddies these days.  It stands for Electronic Dance Music, and although the music itself is not so unique that it differentiates itself from what I've known as simply electronica, it does have a certain uniqueness, if that makes any sense.

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I'd never thought of The Chainsmokers as an EDM artist, but I was wrong.  I did catch their wave from the early days and had always thought of them as simply dance artists, and very good ones at that, although lately they've become a bit pop.  The set they played last night definintely fit into the EDM category, with crazy, sometimes dissonant electronic beats, and the entire audience, rather than dancing, was jumping up and down with their hands in the air...not exactly my kind of dancing, though I found myself doing the same thing at times simply because the music called for it.  

In all, The Chainsmokers were pretty entertaining.  Their 90 minute-plus set of wild electronica beats was peppered with their hits old and new, with Paris, Closer, and Something Just Like This causing mass singalongs, and tunes like Roses and Don't Bring Me Down getting everybody up and dancing (well, jumping, lol).  Anyway, here's a recent clip of our Song of the Day from a Saturday Night Live appearance...  

And here's how me and my pal Kristen felt afterwards...

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