Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Song of the Day - Problem - Ariana Grande, feat. Iggy Azalea

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Last night, the world was once again sent into yet another state of shock and disbelief as an apparent terrorist attack occurred at Manchester Arena in the U.K. towards the end of an Ariana Grande concert.  So far, it has been reported that explosions at the site killed 22 people and injured about 59 more.  How horrible!  Are we safe anywhere anymore?  Here's a tune those folks probably enjoyed hearing before the pandemonium broke loose...

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  1. Death. Destruction. Terror. Hate. Fear.
    It was never supposed to be this way.
    Praying for Ariana. Her tweet said it all:
    "broken. from the bottom of my heart, i am so so sorry. i don't have words."