Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Song of the Day - I Lived - One Republic

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Today is my birthday.  I wasn't exactly sure how to approach it this year, at least on here.  I haven't been in a good place lately so I don't really feel too much like celebrating.  I thought about not posting at all today, but I just can't seem to skip a day.  So once I decided to go ahead and post, I set off to find a song to fit my life the way I feel today.

I don't feel like I've been living a lot lately.  Too many things on my plate these days and literally very little time to sit back and enjoy life even if it's just in bits and pieces. No, no time for anything but work and driving and more school and at home.  And even when I do find some time to myself, like after my class last night, I was simply too tired and went to sleep early...something that seems to happen often lately.  

So my song choice is meant to remind me that I have lived life, just not lately, and I will have the chance to live it again sometime in the near future.  This craziness of life has just got me feeling stuck, that's all.  Anyway, happy birthday to me!  Enjoy the song...  

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