Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Song of the Day - Love - Lana Del Rey

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I've never been a huge Lana Del Rey fan, but today's post is surely meant to be for a couple of reasons.  I seriously contemplated, then forgot, to post her Off to the Races, yesterday because I heard it in the background of one of those silly videos you see on Facebook.  It's one of three songs of hers I absolutely love (the others being Summertime Sadness and West Coast).  Then, I see that she's released a brand new song, Love, and with a new video to boot!  

I liked Love upon the very first listen.  It's a typical, Lana Del Rey style, slow and full of passion. The slow, steady rhythms remind me of a 50's ballad, and the video has sort of a vintage feel to it, as well, even though it's set in space.  Ha ha, yeah!  I just may have to download this one!  Check out Love...  

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